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About GTGlobe Industries
About GTGlobe Industries

GTGlobe Industries manufactures high quality cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes and fittings.

Reputed worldwide, the manufacturing of the GTGlobe Industries products are based on 30 years of knowledge and experience.

Certified and approved in over 20 countries, we are constantly looking to improve our production techniques and to develop new products. We are committed to commercializing the best range of dimensions, with pipes from 3/8” to 6” in diameter.

Our principles

At GTGlobe Industries, we provide strategic planning to all our clients by helping them generate an increased number of opportunities and technical expertise in this fast growing market. Ask your GTGlobe Industries representative for more information on marketing and technical support.

Our priority is to become your partner in success. We take care of all logistics, bringing you your products right to your door - worry free.

Our products

All GTGlobe Industries products are:

Reduced installation time and purchasing cost.

Approved and certified according to the highest standards in the industry (NSF, ASTM, CSA, etc.) Our products are certified in more than 20 countries.

Quick and easy to install:
GTPEX® and GTPEX-R® pipes are fast and easy to install compared to conventional metal pipes.

Our products have built-in chemical and corrosion resistance to perform the tasks for which they are designed. The products we sell are the products that you use. We are never satisfied until you are satisfied. We offer a 25-year limited warranty to back up the quality of our pipes. Please see the technical section in this catalog for further details on chemical resistance.


PEX pipes
GTPEX® is one of our PEX lines that offers excellent resistance, durability, and practicality. Incredibly convenient, it offers a variety of solutions for domestic and industrial plumbing needs. GTPEX® does not have oxygen barrier and is suitable for potable water systems and open radiant systems.
PEX pipes for radiant floor heating systems
GTPEX-R® is our PEX pipe with oxygen barrier mostly used for radiant floor heating. GTPEX-R® is completely secure to create a healthier, efficient, and more comfortable heating environment.
Insulated pex
GTPEX-I® is our line of insulated PEX which offers highly efficient hot water transport. The shell material used prevents environmental water or particles to get into the system. The interior of GTPEX® includes the standard 2 way (supply and return) GTPEX® or GTPEX-R® which is covered in a multi-layered high quality heat reflective insulation.
PEX Fittings
GTFIT® is our line of high-quality brass fittings to suit all your installation needs. Available in several models and various dimensions, they complement perfectly our GTPEX® lines of tubing for potable water, radiant floor systems, hydronic systems, and geothermal systems.
PEX manifolds
GTFlow is our line of manifolds which includes all accessories needed for a complete radiant floor system. GTFlow is made with high quality brass which comes to you preassembled in either 5 or 10 loop expandable configurations. Installers will simply remove the preassembled manifold from the box and mount to a wall ready for immediate use. The GTFlow installation is clean and professional and offers a long life of reliable operation.
Tools and accessories


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