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Domestic water supply lines

domestic water supply lines GTPEX® pipes are the perfect plastic sanitary pipes for potable (hot and cold) water. They are produced with smooth inside walls to prevent corrosion and deposit accumulation, thus improving flow rates seen in metal pipes by 30 %. GTPEX® is easy to bend and can be installed directly on girder or inside wall and concrete.

Radiant Heat

radiant heat GTPEX-R® is ideal for a comfortable environment and cost efficient use in heating compared to typical forced air heating systems. GTPEX-R® pipes are specially designed to keep your environment at the desired temperature and comfort levels while remaining cost efficient in heating. GTPEX-R® system loops can be installed directly, up to 92 m (300 ft) without any fittings. Our system keeps its efficiency in a wide range of temperatures, from –40 °C (-40 °F) to 93 °C (200 °F).

Easy Replacement and Repair

easy replacement and repair With GTPEX®, there is no need to break tiles, walls and flooring. When replacing or installing the piping system, it is very easy to snake through tight areas without unnecessary destruction. Repairing the system is performed easily by pulling out the GTPEX® pipe and reinserting the new one. This works very well when replacing galvanized or damaged polybutylene piping systems.

Industries municipal water supply lines

municipal water supply lines Municipal steel water supply lines are attacked by corrosion due to the following:
  • Poor water quality due to increasing chlorine content;
  • Corrosive environment;
  • Unprofessional and faulty installations.

Thanks to their unique resistance against corrosion for any of the above conditions, GTPEX® pipes may be installed anywhere and will operate without leaking. No need for repair or replacement.

The GTPEX® system offers durable solutions to municipal water supply lines and is used in the following applications: main and secondary pipelines in building areas, inlet connections in buildings and fire extinguishing pipelines.

GTPEX Pipes For Sewer Lines

GTPEX pipes for sewer lines Testing performed over the past 25 years has concluded that the physical and chemical properties of PEX remain intact over time. GTPEX® provides several important benefits when used in sewer applications, such as:
  • Elimination of inflow and infiltration, even in wet weather conditions on gravity flow systems;
  • Corrosion resistance: GTPEX® is highly effective against the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas and low concentration acid found in sanitary sewers;
  • Cost-effective installations: according to the Federal Highway Administration, Utility companies spend over $36 billion annually on corrosion protection of pipes. GTPEX® does not corrode or tuberculate. Its long life cycle and its resistance to infiltration into the pipe or leakage into the environment reduces maintenance budgets considerably.

Riser Mains For Wells

riser mains for wells One of the most recent GTPEX® pipe applications is for pumping water from wells (at a depth of over 66 m (200 ft)) by means of a continuous GTPEX® pipe coupled to a submersible pump and engine.

Industrial Applications

GTGlobe Industries industrial applications With an excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical agents, GTPEX® is an ideal conduit for a wide range of industrial applications. Many conventional pipes are inappropriate in such conditions due to the abrasion caused by chemicals with solids and liquid mix or because of their inherent vulnerability to chemical aggression from solutions and acids.

The industrial applications of GTPEX® pipes include:

  • Handling slurries (gypsum, sand, salt, phosphates, potash, etc.);
  • Handling various chemicals;
  • Handling industrial wastes.

Please refer to the chemical agents technical sheet to confirm whether the GTPEX® is appropriate or not.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal Systems GTPEX® geothermal systems transfer heat from a house to the earth in the cooling mode, or from the earth to the house in the heating mode. Water is used as the heat transfer medium, either in a closed loop piping system, or by directly pumping well water in an open loop system.

Closed loop systems consist of an underground heat exchange network of GTPEX® pipes and a pumping module. When cooling, the loop fluid temperature rises, and rejected heat is dissipated into the cooler earth. Conversely, while heating, the loop fluid temperatures fall, and heat is absorbed from the earth. A pumping module then utilizes small wattage pumps to circulate the water/antifreeze fluid within the piping system.

Open loop systems utilize ground water as a direct energy source when good quality water is available at a reasonable pumping depth.

Gas Boilers Sime

Boilers Sime

SIME, is one of the top 10 boiler manufactures in Europe, and a global leader in wall hung technology. SIME has established itself through the years as a market leader in both the cast iron and wall hung boiler market.

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